Our world is filled with madness. We are bombarded daily with countless stories of terror, tragedy, and hatred. It has become a mind-numbing assault on the world’s collective consciousness. Fear and dread have become the norm, and even our most successful entertainment has become shock driven. 

To address it all in one startling, powerful piece, Executive Producer Farley Malorrus commissioned innovative multi-media artist and graphic designer Shadoe Stevens to create a mural-sized, “anti-violence, end of the world” masterpiece called “
Doomsday.” To see it go to ShadoeArt.com

Stevens has created a work that explores the face of reality, doubt, and the constant barrage of media-driven fear, in a work of dense imagery and colorful optical illusions. This is an unsettling visual journey through intensely colorful and engaging - sometimes terrifying, sometimes humorous - imagery. Stevens calls his artistic approach:
 “Transcendental Wha Hoo” and “Time-Released Mirth.” 

Depicting numerous 'end of days,' and 'extinction level events' from the media, current news, science, politics, movies, TV shows, Graphic novels, and Biblical Tribulation, “
Doomsday” contains images of everything from tsunamis and climate change, to suicide bombers, drug addiction, epidemics, zombies, and Godzilla. 

The work sets out to suggest mankind has the option of focusing within to find the spirit of love, forgiveness, compassion, and Peace on Earth, or a blind acceptance of the imminent inevitable: chaos, death, destruction, and extermination of everything around us.

Do we surrender to the dark side of our nature or merge in unity, and face the future with a new and uncommon strength within? Can we embrace the dawn of an end of bigotry, end of violence, end of racism, intolerance, resentment, and hate? 

Doomsday is a dazzling statement from the mind of Shadoe Stevens, channeling the inspiration of Farley Malorrus, revealing the proposition that the Spirit must control the Mind. Our Free Will - suggested by all the world’s major religions - is that we all have the POWER TO CHOOSE.

It is like a new Guernica, Picasso’s famous painting about war and suffering. 
Doomsday is about the Truth of Life all around us. It is about the Truth that lies within us. Can you handle the Truth?

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