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3. The Magnetic Enigmatic His outreach program having reached a peak, Rocky Waters plunges deep into the vortex of his own vanishing-point, only to find that his Souler System is not only composed only of himself, but it is “only himself” that he finds reflected in himself, simultaneously pushing and pulling up and down, in a “kaleidoscopic contradiction.”  As he dials up an internal beyond, beyond his comprehension, his efforts are thwarted by the seductive magnetism of his own self importance. 2. The Inexplicable Perplexity of Vertical Pandemonium - Raw enthusiasm is flinging glints hither and thither, piercing the walls of pandemonium as easily as if they were the skin on a soap bubble. Rocky Waters rides the ripplets, as the waves of exuberance spin down the whirlpool of Infinite What; a terrifying passageway bound by choices: time, money, and liberation. Although his hair stands on end, he fears only incapacitation by loss of his passion, his oomph, his vivacity. He plunges on. 1. “The Gravitational Pull of Sanity” -  The illusion of stability gets a brainkick in the attention glands  as Rocky Waters boots the world into a forced perspective  contained in explosive relationships unleashed  as a hemorrhage cracks reality’s cheerful veneer. Never seeing the bigger picture, he can’t comprehend an outcome so incomprehensibly rewarding in which he would finally catch a glimpse of Yahweh and enter ecstatic bliss, followed by a peaceful afterglow and quiet contemplation.
4. “The Mellifluous Bellow of Chronic Reality” - Feeling small and wallowing in the enormity of his plight, Rocky Waters fails to see the bigger picture. Unaware of the not so subtle headlights illuminating the path, he is oblivious to the inner workings of the impossible inevitable all around him. Bathed in light he doesn’t even see, he’s blind to the vehicles of change that have been set in motion, inching forward through conflicting elements, bumper to bumper on the road to happy destiny. 6. “Nothing is Everything” -  Collapsing and pleading, “I don’t know what to do!” Rocky Waters finds himself surrendering, abandoning his best ideas, his plans, his hopes and dreams, letting go of his little world of clashes and pings, and entering the elevated conscious state of “Fuhget.”  In an unexpected consequence, he begins finding freedom by giving the green light, the open door, the heads up, the carte blanche to The Almighty Mover, allowing him to move right in and do what he has to do. 5. Celestial Conundrum -   Conflicting perspectives trigger panic, desperation, and loss of control.  A Crisis of Faith sends Rocky Waters plummeting hysterically screaming,  “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!” As bands of Angels envelope him, each asking another,  “I don’t know, what do you think?” each other replying,  “I don’t know, what do you think?”
7. Unexpected Perks in the Impossible Box¯ - The Revelation comes in a divine puh-too.¯ It was the constraints of the bondage that triggered surrender, and liberation is unleashed in a geyser of unshackled privilege. Rocky Waters ascends into awareness so boundless to the point of inconceivability, that his self withers in the immensity of its dazzling perfection, and his potential abounds, mushrooming in a billowing brilliance, pompous in its complexity, mealy-mouthed in its perplexity.

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