The Weekly Show
The pilot for "The Weekly Show" half hour television series, was produced for the TV One Network. Shadoe's company "Blackout Entertainment LLC," formed with his partner and manager Doug Warner, and Steve Saltman, produced the project along with show runner/co-director Lance Crouther. The cast was the same team that created Blackout Television. The Weekly Show... was a funny new weekly news magazine of current events with an all-star cast... ... that also shows what goes on after the camera goes off. . Learn More .
Blackout Television
Shadoe's project: IMPROV-COMEDY-PODCAST THEATER! It was a Podcast parody series about the world's greatest Black Entertainment Network. The cast consisted of brilliant Black Improv Actors with credits from Mad TV and Saturday Night Live, to the Boondocks and Reno 911. They perform regularly at the Groundlings Theater in Hollywood with "The Black Version."

"BTN" the Black Television Network, is a cross between CNN and BET. "Blackout Television" is set in the studios and offices of this fictional entertainment network. Like "The Larry Sanders Show," it goes from being on the air to behind the scenes and features exaggerated, parody versions of television and radio personalities. Like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the show is largely improvised from outlines created by Shadoe Stevens, director/performer Karen Maruyama, and the team.

The show starred Jordan Black, Gary Anthony Williams, Phil LaMarr, Danielle Gaither, and Cedric Yarbrough. It is directed by Karen Maruyama and produced by Shadoe Stevens.

"Morning Blackout" is BTN's version of "Good Morning America." It's a show for black Americans who love get their party on first thing in the morning. KWLB "The Soul of America," is BTN's radio station, where television checks in to get "the beat from the street." The morning show features the radio team "Big Dickie Black, 2Tone, and Booty Stank."

"Blackout Television" was recorded at the Rick Dees Studios in Los Angeles. Editing, sweetening and final mixing is done in the Shadoevision Studios. For more information and to watch The Weekly Show pilot and listen to all 85 podcasts, go to www.blackouttelevision.com.
The Big Galoot
The Big Galoot is the first children’s book by radio and television personality Shadoe Stevens. Written in verse in what Shadoe describes as "Royal Seussian Verse" - in the style of Dr. Seuss - and profusely illustrated in radiant color, The Big Galoot tells about Middleberg School, where all the kids get along. They have the same smile and everything is perfect until... The Big Galoot comes to town. He's a kid with size 42 hands...and the kids laugh at him...Learn More .
Historic Revelations
This is where where inexplicable mysteries are revealed, bewildering enigmas and secret knowledge is shared, and transformational bulletins and Good News is announced. Learn More .
Brought back by Shadoe after a six month sabbatical in the Himalayas in late 2007 and early 2008 - a vacation that turned into a revelation - Swami Gotjatubyet (Gah-Cha-Tah-By'-Et) brings to the world a message of Great Consciousness through Great Commerce, saying "Have Now, Get More, Go Free." Learn More.
Brownboy is a street philosopher who travels the world with nothing but the clothes on his back, trusting that the Universe will provide. He is interviewed by Shadoe and Charlie Midnight at bus stops and wherever they can find him all over the world. Brownboy is a Blackbelt in the Art of Ricochet, saying, "No Matter What Happens, You've Got to Bounce Back!" Learn More.

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