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ShadoeVision was an "Comedy Experiment" on HBO/Cinemax that was created and produced by Shadoe Stevens in 1986. The group responsible for the Fred Rated television commercials - Chuck Cirino, Dave Nichols, Michael Hill, Chris Culverhouse, and Ed Freeman, Royce Steele, along with Carmi Zlotni, Scott Altizer, and a team of Illuminarians - created cutting edge production design utilizing multi-media exploration, and a complex, intricate, hyperactive editing style. Many of the techniques implemented in this show were later adopted by MTV and others.

Spin Magazine said, ""Imagine Monty Python's Flying Circus and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, crashing into a wall at 200 mile an hour, the exact moment of impact held like a note for 60 minutes of brain-in-the-Cuisinart futuristic comedy. That's what Shadoevision feels like."

"This is NOT Mind Control. Think about it." Norman Jones has left an interdimensional doorway open. Now, the fate of the entire Universe hangs on whether he can change the future, by closing the door to his past.

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