Best of Fred Rated
In the mid-1980s, Shadoe produced over 1100 commercials for the Federated electronics stores. The star of the commercials, Fred Rated, became a cult hero. Check out some of our favorites from the Fred Rated commercials. Watch now.
ShadoeVision was an "Comedy Experiment" that was created and produced by Shadoe Stevens, and sold to HBO in 1986. The team responsible for the Fred Rated television commercials - Chuck Cirino, Dave Nichols, Michael Hill, Chris Culverhouse, and Ed Freeman - created cutting edge production design utilizing multi-media exploration, and a complex, intricate, hyperactive editing style. Many of the techniques implemented in this show were later adopted by MTV and others. Watch now.
Acting Clips
Shadoe was a star on network television shows like Dave’s World and Hollywood Squares, guest starred in shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Baywatch, and the Larry Sanders Show, and appeared in feature films such as Traxx, Mr. Saturday Night and Bucket of Blood. Watch now.
Hollywood Squares
This was the Top 5 nationally syndicated game show hosted by John Davidson that was on from 1986 to 1989 and continued on in syndicated re-runs through the early nineties. Watch now.
Max Monroe: Loose Cannon
MAX MONROE: LOOSE CANNON was a short-lived one-hour, CBS series starring Shadoe Stevens, produced by the legendary Fred Silverman and created by the equally legendary Dean Hargrove. It was intended to be Miami Vice with a sense of humor along the lines of Lethal Weapon. It wasn't successful but it's six episodes and a two hour movie were filled with amusing moments. We've put together some of our favorites scenes for your viewing pleasure. Watch now.
Shaditude: Original Videos
Projects, obsessions, whimsical indulgences, and various videos. Watch now.
Dave's World
A sitcom on CBS from 1993 to 1997 based on the writing of Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry, starred Harry Anderson (as Dave), DeLane Matthews, Zane Carney, Andrew Ducote, Meshach Taylor, J.C. Wendel, Patrick Warburton, and Shadoe Stevens (as Dave's best friend and editor, Kenny). The first two seasons are available on DVD.  Here are some great moments with Shadoe. Watch now.
Keith & Laverne Ingstad
This is a salute to Keith "The Hooker" Ingstad, a North Dakota basketball legend whose energy, attitude and enthusiasm were bigger than life. He didn't drink, smoke, use drugs, curse or fight, and was a winner throughout his life with toy stores, clothing stores, go cart tracks, fireworks stands, and a hundred other things. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. He died August 26, 2007. He was Shadoe's father and these are tributes to his life.Watch now.

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