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Shadoe has just completed the giant "companion piece" to his earlier artwork "DOOMSDAY."

This one called "HOPE," is also 10' x 5' canvas, gallery wrapped, with this separately framed description. There will also be an edition of smaller sizes available soon.

This one is about everything that's right about the world and why there is every reason to be optimistic about the future.

To see the work go It's there, complete with a "Map" / glossary page of descriptions and the meanings and symbolism behind the more than one hundred images, masters, quotes, and world leaders.

The is also an additional page of "Invisible Information" covering religions of the world, science, a position on atheism, and why we have every reason to be Optimistic.

He hopes it gives you a lift as you trudge the road to happy destiny...and perhaps a sense of wonder at the luminous beauty and empowering love that exists all over the world. To see Shadoe's Art  CLICK HERE. 


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Shadoe has just been added as one of the Imaging Voices for one of New York's legendary stations, "The Voice of New York," 710 WOR, a 50,000 watt clear channel giant. The station, under the direction of program director, Tom Cuddy, features some of the country's top talk personalities like Len Berman and Michael Riedel, and Mark Simone.

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Shadoe was cast as one of the voices for the KFC campaign "Smokey Mountain BBQ" Campaign.  


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This month, watch for Family Beautiful Magazine online or at newsstands as the current issue features Shadoe Stevens and his stunningly beautiful family. Read about Celebrity, Family and the Art of Creativity as the magazine explores his colorful history, family, and artwork. 
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Tthere is now a POSTER of Shadoe's giant 54” x 108” canvas artwork "HOPE."  The nine-foot-long x 4.5-foot tall mixed media artwork is now available as a poster i44" x 22" on high-quality pro luster paper. There is also e 58-page Image-Map / Glossary containing descriptions and information about of the more than 100 images contained in the work. If interested, click the PayPal link:


Our world is filled with madness. We are bombarded daily with countless stories of terror, tragedy, and hatred. It has become a mind-numbing assault on the world’s collective consciousness. Fear and dread have become the norm, and even our most successful entertainment has become shock driven. 
To address it all in one startling, powerful piece, Executive Producer Farley Malorrus commissioned innovative multi-media artist and graphic designer Shadoe Stevens to create a mural-sized, “anti-violence, end of the world” masterpiece called “Doomsday.” To see it go to

Stevens has created a work that explores the face of reality, doubt, and the constant barrage of media-driven fear, in a work of dense imagery and colorful optical illusions. This is an unsettling visual journey through intensely colorful and engaging - sometimes terrifying, sometimes humorous - imagery. Stevens calls his artistic approach: “Transcendental Wha Hoo” and “Time-Released Mirth.” 

Depicting numerous 'end of days,' and 'extinction level events' from the media, current news, science, politics, movies, TV shows, Graphic novels, and Biblical Tribulation, “Doomsday” contains images of everything from tsunamis and climate change, to suicide bombers, drug addiction, epidemics, zombies, and Godzilla. 

The work sets out to suggest mankind has the option of focusing within to find the spirit of love, forgiveness, compassion, and Peace on Earth, or a blind acceptance of the imminent inevitable: chaos, death, destruction, and extermination of everything around us.

Do we surrender to the dark side of our nature or merge in unity, and face the future with a new and uncommon strength within? Can we embrace the dawn of an end of bigotry, end of violence, end of racism, intolerance, resentment, and hate? 

Doomsday is a dazzling statement from the mind of Shadoe Stevens, channeling the inspiration of Farley Malorrus, revealing the proposition that the Spirit must control the Mind. Our Free Will - suggested by all the world’s major religions - is that we all have the POWER TO CHOOSE.

It is like a new Guernica, Picasso’s famous painting about war and suffering. Doomsday is about the Truth of Life all around us. It is about the Truth that lies within us. Can you handle the Truth?   To see Shadoe's Art  CLICK HERE. 

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Shadoe has once again joined Craig Ferguson as the voice of his new show on SIRIUSXM Comedy Greats Channel 94.  Having been the voice of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS Television for ten years, Shadoe was asked to do it again for Craig's new live two hour drive-time radio show with long form interviews, phone-ins, written stories, comedy, and Craig's rants on the day's events. Already the number two show in the world, Craig has become a force to be reckoned with as the go-to entertainment for truckers all over America. CraigSIRIUSXM

Antenna TV, Tribune Broadcasting’s multicast network, announced Shadoe Stevens, one of the most iconic voices in radio and television, will be the voice of Antenna TV beginning September 14. Antenna TV, which airs in in 102 TV markets across the U.S. reaching 78% of TV households, is available in all of the country’s Top 20 markets.Shadoe Stevens, whose voice is recognizable from Hollywood Squares and American Top 40, began his television career as Steve Allen’s announcer on the nationally syndicated Steve Allen Show. As a voice-over artist, Shadoe has been the voice of Comic Relief, the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and innumerable commercials. Most recently, he was the announcer for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.“Shadoe has one of the most recognizable voices in the world and we are thrilled he will be bringing his iconic sound to Antenna TV,” said Sean Compton, President of Strategic Programming and Acquisitions, Tribune Media. 

Shadoe Stevens is one of the most recognized voices in the world. He has been an award-winning, worldwide personality, and innovator for radio, television, film, new media and visual arts. 

You may know him from American Top 40 in 110 countries heard by more than a billion people a week, Hollywood Squares, for creating and launching World Famous KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, as a star on Dave’s World on CBS, for creating the advertising campaign "Fred Rated for Federated," being the voice of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, the voice of the Antenna TV Network, his children’s books, RhythmRadio, Cabo Wabo Radio, Top of the World, Rock the World, Party Planet, MentalRadio, Blackout Television, The Weekly Show, countless commercials and voice-overs, Artwork, motivational speaking, or
the voice of Craig Ferguson's radio show on SIRIUSXM's Faction Talk 103.

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