The Big Galoot, Shadoe's Dr. Seuss-like children’s book about bullying and never giving up, is now available as an ebook on iTunes and  Kindle Fire. 

Download it easily by searching for Big Galoot in the  Book Section of the iTunes Store or www.amazon.com.

The iPad version is exceptional, and comes with narration by Shadoe, complete with sound design that brings the book to life like radio theater. When the wolves howl and the thunder crashes, it comes right off the page, and as the story is told, each word is highlighted as it's spoken, so kids can follow along.

The hardcover book is also available exclusively at Optimystical Publishing and can be bought online at www.optimystical.tv. 

Warren Galoot has a funny shaped head, pigeon-toed feet, and size 42 hands ... the biggest hands anyone's ever seen. And the kids all laugh at him. They mock him and trip him and make fun of him, but no matter what happens, Warren says: "I'm a Galoot / But I have good luck / You can't get me down / I never give up."

Bullying has become almost epidemic in America and we have to start talking about it when children are very young. The next generation needs a better beginning.

This insightful, delightful, dramatic, empowering book shows children how bullying feels and does it in the style of Dr. Seuss.

" . . . those of us who have been galoots will recognize Shadoe’s book. This is a great story for kids about how it’s all right to be an individual and how it’s not all right to take your aggressions out on someone who’s different than you; because you never know what they have to offer. . . . BRAVO, Shadoe!" --Whoopi Goldberg

"Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss . . . Amusing, clever, instructive . . . it sends a message of tolerance and compassion to children of all ages." --Dick Clark

"Rather than just talk about the importance of family entertainment, Shadoe Stevens put his imagination and pen where his mouth is..." --Henry Winkler

"Your book rocks in more ways than one!" --Gene Simmons

"...I thought it was the best funny book I have ever seen in my life... I just loved the book and I really did like it it was just a perfect book..." --Chandler, Second Grader

The Big Galoot is brilliantly illustrated by Canadian artist, Ron Job, based on characters and a production design by Shadoe Stevens. Stevens has written a total of five books for kids.

The first copy of The Big Galoot to come off the press was auctioned off at the annual fundraiser of the global charity World Children’s Relief, a non-profit organization to help improve the quality of education at primary schools in rural areas of countries like Haiti, Senegal, and Uganda. The book sold for $10,000.

The Big Galoot is brilliantly illustrated by Canadian artist, Ron Job, based on characters and a production design by Stevens. Stevens has written a total of five books for kids. The Big Galoot will be followed by a trilogy, The Button-Sided Hooey.

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Oh my stars!  The world needs your messaging!  Positive, hopeful, powerful.
Thank you and congratulations on creating something with a wonderful
vibe, about acceptance, prejudice, stick -to- it -ness and positivity.  It is JUST ADORABLE. 
You cannot put a price on engaging, enriching, and inspiring content.  And you have that to the 9th power,  DEBBY CARMAN - Laguna Beach artist, author, cartoonist and fabulist

Bullying is the theme of this illustrated masterpiece from Shadoe Stevens, who is known to all of us who grew up as non-stop listeners of rock and roll on the radio - he was the favorite D.J. of my generation. His storybook morality tale is in rhyme in the spirit of Dr. Seuss. And his story is about school kids ganging up on their new classmate who's different - in this case, VERY different. It's about a kid named Warren Galoot who arrives at school with a big smile and weird clothes, over-sized hands and a pointy head. Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Dick Clark and Henry Winkler sing praises to this book in their quotes. Before it became an e-book, it was available only from a small publisher called Optimystical and though loved by the limited number of readers who discovered it, it didn't reach its potential audience which could be hundreds of thousands or more. Now it's arrived in the e-world: A great adventure with beautiful visuals, the book is great not just for its adventure story (in which the Big Galoot wins the admiration of his classmates and teacher) but for Galoot's secret of success. He insists on three things: that he has good luck, that you can't get him down, and that he never gives up. The answer to WHY he has good luck and the strength never to give up is revealed at the end (no spoilers here!). Suffice it to say, the book has a good and positive spirit, is a quick read (even out loud) and makes a point all kids (and grown-up kids) need to hear.  FORREST H, EVANS

Shadoe Stevens brings a parent's perspective to his first children's book, the wonderful BIG GALOOT. Mot only is the book a delight to read, but the illustrations are killer, especially if you've got a Fire and can see them in color. Warren Galoot is--well--odd. Too big, too goofy-looking, with a head shaped like a candle-flame in a draft; what it all adds up to is DIFFERENT, and different in a painfully conspicuous way. The kids in his new school make fun of him, tease him, do everything they can think of, but like "Happy Jack" in the Who's great song, Warren Galoot just keeps going, persisting in being who he is. And in the end, the other kids see who he is, too. Great lessons here about bullying and being true to yourself even when it's inconvenient to do so, and the rhymes and pictures take you, step by step, to the triumphant ending. Oh, and it was MADE to be read aloud to kids. TIMOTHY HALLINAN

I had the privilege of reading "The Big Galoot" to several classes of grade school children at an inner city school. It was an amazing experience for the children and me. The children were completely engaged with the exciting story as it rhythmically weaves the adventures of the Galoot with his struggles to fit in, and his heroic leadership. The message he repeats throughout the story is, "I'm a Galoot, but I have good luck, you can't get me down, I NEVER GIVE UP", and as I held my hand up each time he was about to say it, the children started shouting it out.

When we finished the story, I felt as if each one of these children were filled with the renewed energy of it's OK to be different, believe in your yourself, do the right thing, and never give up because you never know how good it might get.

I have never seen a large group of children all react together in such a positive manner. It's a book to be enjoyed by all ages, as everyone can learn from the important message within the story.

"The Big Galoot" is a beautiful children's book written by radio superstar Shadoe Stevens and illustrated in dazzling Technicolor by Ron Job. Without giving too much of the plot away, Middleberg School is full of students who are all the same and when a new boy named Warren joins the class, a boy who is not only a Big Galoot, but different, the students learn how to become individuals. Shadoe's message is simple - we are all special. His story speaks of being different and being accepted. It talks about bullying and judging, but also of love and tolerance and facing your fears and never giving up. The rhymes are worthy of Suess and the illustrations leap off the page. This is a book I recommend to all ages of children and parents and should rest comfortably in every library. "The Big Galoot" is a true children's classic. MAX PYNCHONE

​I have two kids ages 5 & 9. They absolutely LOVE the story of the Big Galoot! Every kid can relate to feeling out of place, even being bullied. The book not only carries a GREAT message, but it's visually stimulating and even FUN TO READ. It's written in a dr. sues - like fashion by Shadoe Stevens and it just "flows". Sometimes my kids like to see how fast we can read it together without getting tongue-tied. Whenever they're asked which bedtime story they want, it's usually the Galoot. I highly recommend this book to kids of all ages, it's exciting and there's a great message with a great ending ( I laughed out loud at that!! ). Trust me when I say that this book will become one of your kids' most favorite books ever. I wouldn't be surprised if this book becomes an instant classic!  DAVIN FESMIRE