About the Podcasts

Blackout Television is a podcast series produced by Shadoe Stevens that stars one of the most talented improv teams in the world. The cast is made up of  the stars of the legendary live improv show "The Black Version" created by Jordan Black at The Groundlings Theater in Hollywood. They have been appearing to sold out audiences for more than five years and are now seen monthly at the Largo at the Coronet Theater. The 85 podcasts were recorded between May 2013 and January 2015 at The Rick Dees Studios. 

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About the Stars

"BTN" the "Black Television Network," is a cross between CNN and BET. "Blackout Television" is set in the studios and offices of this would-be black entertainment network with no money in Baldwin Hills, California

Like "The Larry Sanders Show," it goes from being on the air to behind the scenes and features exaggerated, parody versions of television and radio personalities.

Like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the show is largely improvised from outlines created by Shadoe Stevens, director/performer Karen Maruyama, and the team.

The show stars Jordan Black, Gary Anthony Williams, Phil LaMarr, Danielle Gaither, and Cedric Yarbrough. It is Directed by Karen Maruyama and Produced by Shadoe Stevens. The cast creates all the personalities on the shows, all the callers, and appear as all the guests, whether Oprah Winfrey or Wesley Snipes. 

"Morning Blackout" is BTN's version of "Good Morning America." It's a show for black Americans who love get their party on first thing in the morning. 

"As Black Men" is BTN's version of "The View" but with men who are black. They talk men-talk about hot topics with the unique perspective "As Black Men." 

"Lady Justice," is BTN's version of Judge Judy, with Judge Evangeline Cotter holding court with misfits and oddballs, families and crackpots. The action is fast moving and hilarious. 

"Black of the Night" Starring Nicky Ashford, is BTN's Black version of The Tonight Show. 

A podcast series about the World's Greatest Black Entertainment Network

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